811, also named Info-santé or Info-social, is a phone consultation service. It allows Quebecers to seek quick health advices from a professional. The free service prevents a long wait at the ER or an unnecessary visit at a clinic. Furthermore, 811 offers support to people having psychosocial issues.

A quick solution, but not a magic one

Calls at the consultation service usually lasts less than thirty minutes. First the nurse, or the psychosocial intervention worker asks for personal information. Those collected information stays general (name, birth date, phone number and postal code). If the user wish for it, the 811 can be used anonymously. In that case, only advise the professional of your preference, and the consultation will continue without any embarrassment.

Afterwards, professionals try to deliver answers to the questions you have. They then match up information to finally give you advise on either what you should do next or where you could get help to address your issue. However, all they can do is redirect you to the nearest relevant services. It could be a clinic, a specialized service or an emergency. Therefore, you may still have to wait for a consultation.

Professionals who can resolve a large range of problematics

Nurses are able to respond to a whole lot of situations. Either if it’s for an infection, a virus, physical issues or light injuries, the nurses can give guidance to which treatment to use and how to administrate it. They can also be a quick precious help when it comes to medication. Those health professionals are competent to resolve problems addressing kids, teenagers and adults.

When it comes to psychosocial intervention workers, they will support you in any situations of anxiety, violence, grieving or any other conditions that requires their expertise. If the professional judge it necessary, a visit to the location for a live intervention or monitoring is possible.

If the 811 is a nice way to quickly find solutions to some health problems, the service is only efficient when those are minor. In fact, no doctor can auscultate you to pose a diagnosis thru the platform.

Info-santé is a 24/7 service mostly available all over Quebec

811 is a bilingual phone consultation service available all over the Province of Quebec, except for the Cree Territory of James Bay and the Nunavik. Professionals are tuned in 24 hours, every day of the year at this number to give you advises and to guide you to the more appropriate resource to settle your problem.