5 things to be planned for healthcare in Canada when in WHV

The steps to come to Canada for the time of a working holiday visa are pretty long. Even when you are in the host country, there is a whole world to understand. The culture, transports, the health system… This article will provide you from falling into the Quebecer health system traps who can really put you in trouble!

1. Public or private insurance?

Only a few European countries have an equivalence deal on the social security. However, in a WHV, you must contract a private insurance. Before making your choice, shop for the right company and the coverage to maximize the services offered regarding the cost. You must have a proof of insurance in your entrance to the country.

2. Read attentively your insurance contract

Insurance contracts differs from one company to the other and can contain bad surprises. Take the time to read it so you can distinguish what is covered from what is not. It is also important to understand the modalities of your insurance coverage. It is best to know forward if you have a franchise to pay or if you will have to pay the fees first and then ask the insurance company for a refund. You could also be subject to a limit of the covered amount.

3. keep your receipts when visiting the E.R.

Some insurance companies can require that the client pays the fees and then do a claim to get a refund. In that case, you will need the originals or copies of your receipts for your health problems. It is also possible that the company demand to be advise forward to a visit at the E.R. so they can open a claim file. Whatever your case, if you have health related fees keep some written traces of them with the detail of the care receive and their cost.

4. Favor private clinics

For people that are not covered by the public regiment, it is strongly suggest going to clinics instead of the E.R. The costs that will be charged to you in a private clinic will be much inferior to the fees imputable at the E.R. In a hospital, you will have to pay not only for the care and the exams you receive, but also for the administrative fees of the establishment. Besides, the waiting time in private clinics is lesser!

5. Get informed before you need medical care

The best way to save time and money is to get information on procedures and the functioning of the health system. It is not when you will need medical attention that you will be at your best to analyze information. Better be prepared before!