4 Health Tips for Spring

Spring is now around the corner. We know you’re eager to get outside and enjoy the warmth after the long winter we’ve just had.

However, with spring comes a different set of health warnings than winter. So here are 4 tips on how to enjoy the warm sunny days as healthy as possible.

Don’t get bitten by insects

Bugs aren’t something that you worry about during the winter. But as soon as the weather starts to warm up, they come out to play. Other than wasps and bees that can sting and cause a reaction in people who are allergic, mosquitoes will start being active. Mosquito bites, if scratched, can get infected and need medical attention. So wear long sleeves as much as you can, and make sure to use bug sprays to protect yourself when you’re outside, especially if before dawn and after dusk.

Be care of your muscles

It’s certainly nice to get out more after the winter chill has passed, and it’s certainly healthy to be outside and be active. But your body is not used to the more active lifestyle you’re wishing to get yourself into. It will take some adjustments after a winter of mostly staying indoors. Make sure to stretch your body even if just for briefly, before and after an outdoor activity, so that you don’t get any cramps or stiff joints.

Wear sun protection

Spring has more hours of daylight than winter, and it also gets warmer. So many of us will start to spend more time outdoors. This will lead to an increased sun exposure than you’re used to, and that can lead to skin damage. Also, after a long winter you might not be used to putting on sunscreen and protecting your screen. So make sure to get back into it. Regularly moisturize your skin, and wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. A pair of sunglasses and a hat also helps!

Watch out for hay fever

Finally, spring means that there is going to be a lot of pollen from tress in the air. And with pollen, comes hay fever. Also known as seasonal rhinitis, hay fever is an allergic reaction caused by exposure to pollen. 1 in 8 people suffer from hay fever in Quebec, and symptoms may include asthma, irritation of the eyes, sneezing, headaches, and more.

There are some over-the-counter medications available relieve the allergic reactions of hay fever. However, do consult a health professional prior to using medication, such as a pharmacist.

Read more about hay fever at the Health Wellness portal from the Government of Quebec.

How to get a place at a without appointment clinic?

When you need one, get an appointment in a clinic, either you are registered in it or not, is complex. It is mostly when you’re not comfortable with the tips and tricks available. To help you with that matter, here are the steps and the information one would need to get a place without an appointment.

With a family doctor

First, if you already have a family doctor, contact the clinic or center where he works to see if they can squeeze you in between two rendezvous the same day or the next one. If it isn’t possible, they may give you the opportunity to see another doctor working in the same clinic. For that, your family doctor would have to be part of a Family Medicine Group.

Without a family doctor

In the case you don’t have a family doctor, Doctr’ s app lists the nearest medical resources for you. All of this in your pockets! The app lists resources by field, and provides their contact info. You have access to the resources that accepts without appointment consultations through geolocation or by entering an address.

When it comes to without appointment consultations, clinics have different process from one another. Some asks for people to get on-site early on the same morning they want to see a doctor. Some others inquire a call the night before, or early the morning before opening hours. Not only the process to get a place without appointment is different from one another, but also the time frame available for those consultations. Clinics can limit that time to some days in the week, half-days or certain hours only.

That is why it’s important to contact the clinic you’re seeking a consultation from in advance, so you’ll get the info on which way they operate. Then again, Doctr’s app can be useful, since the process adopted by each clinic of its network is described in the services provided section.

Having to pass a few calls to get a place is expected for without appointment consultations. Be prepared, many requires to be contacted the night before or before opening, and places or limited.

5 errors not to be made at the emergency

A visit at the emergency is often a synonym of stress and frustration. To make it easy for you, we made a list with the errors that’s going to slow you down when you’re sick. We could just stop there, but we’re also giving you a solution per error, because for every problem there’s at least one solution!

1. Go to the E.R.… without a serious medical emergency.

Emergency is the option when your life is in danger, are that you have a serious and urgent medical condition. A large amount of people rushes to the emergency to be classify as non-priority cases. The most effective way to get answers and an evaluation of your symptoms is to call Info-santé at 811.

2. Be unpleasant with the medical team.

A visit at the E.R. is a stressing experiment for the patient. The professionals must work in that environment permanently. They have to deal with all the stress and they live an enormous pression to perform. An aggressive or violent patient slows not only his care, but also the one of the people waiting behind him. It’s more difficult to evaluate and help somebody that isn’t cooperating. Be patient with the medical team!

3. Rush to the emergency for an issue that another service settle.

Certain specialized services aren’t available at the hospital E.R. A broken tooth or a toothache must be settle at a dentist clinic. Psychiatric issues can be followed in one of the specialize emergency working in the field. Doctr’s app actually gives you the occupancy rate of mental health E.R. Those are often less busy then at the hospital. Once more, a call to 811 will prevent you from going to several places for medical care.

4. Expect that immediately after the visit at the E.R. you’ll recover.

The E.R. doctors have the task of eradicate any life-threatening condition. Some situations require an uninterrupted treatment or one over a certain time. In that case, the monitoring will take place in a clinic. It’s a better idea to seek help at a clinic from the beginning to have the care you need. The best solution is to take a rendezvous with your family doctor. If you don’t have one, register to get one thru the family doctor finder.

5. Go to the emergency without checking first the occupancy rate on Doctr’s app.

Instead of going directly to the emergency, use Doctr before to verify the occupancy rate of the nearest hospital. If your life is not in danger, the clinic is a more adequate choice for non-urgent health care. Then again, Doctr have the list of the services near you.